You are welcome to read this if you often visit my blog to see some updates.

You can see several days ago I changed my site layout altogether. I also switched off from Wordpress because I didn’t like much its idea to install a lot of plugins for nearly any (simple) functionality you want your site to implement. Seeing a lot of failed login attempts from Chinese IPs wasn’t a pleasure either.

I was considering going on with static website and using Hugo or Jekyll, so I chose Hugo for its build speed. Though website building speed doesn’t matter a lot because it doesn’t have a lot of content for now. I hope I’ll have more time to fix that. I’m still new to Hugo so I will have to get used to the framework.

There is no comments section anywhere because the only commenting system my Hugo theme provides is Disqus, which I don’t like. I’m looking for an alternative. Probably I’ll use Mastodon. I don’t like the new layout a lot but it’s good to keep it for some time, it is possible I’ll change the way this website looks later.

My blog is not dead and I plan to make some new posts soon. This is something totally new, I hope you will like it.