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Unreal World

The real philosophy of non-existent world The main thesis of Zen is there is no “real” world, but the comprehension of the world. This is only the exterior side of Zen school, which doesn’t help to reach the truth but helps to destroy the fallacies of beginning Zen follower and make the first step to the final destination.

Blue Pill

Blue pill/red pill - the matrix has windows longhorn The advancement of stealth-technologies concluded with emerging of totally new rootkits(circa mid. 2006), which are impossible to detect. Once a computer swallows a “blue pill”, the OS transits into virtual world fully controlled by the rootkit. The old real world ceases to exist.

Hidden Traffic

hiding traffic from network administrators So far all the techniques we were using deployed hiding network connections, but anyone can reveal “wrong” traffic on physical level with sniffers and similar defense mechanisms. Hackers made their effort and invented covert passive channels which transfer useful information without generating any traffic. Source code is released, and now we have to realize how to screw it into our keyloggers or remote shells.


I hope I’m the first person in Internet to do this, though it’s getting increasingly hard to become a pioneer in something nowadays… I want to publish the compilation of translated articles from Kris Kaspersky. Not related to the Kaspersky AV. As Wiki says, he was a Russian hacker, writer and IT security researcher.