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x86 Reverse Engineering Beginner Guide: Part III

Programming structures in assembly code While reversing, sometimes it is good to know what high-level construction this piece of code belongs to. There are several constructions which can be expressed in assembly language, if-code, switch-code, loop-code(for, while, do). These exist in all(presumably) high-level languages. You can check examples I made here to this simple C code:

x86 Reverse Engineering Beginner Guide: Part II

In this part, I want to tell more about how exactly x86 processors store memory, and develop kind of intuition on how to work with memory when you’ll have to deal with it. For example, it can happen when you try to lookup some values stored in stack(i.e. when you need to look at function parameters).

x86 Reverse Engineering Beginner Guide: Part I

I decided to start the series of posts dedicated for people who already know how to program in whatever programming language(C/C++ background is preferable) and willing to learn reverse engineering for x86 platform. If you never did programming, you can try to follow this guide as well, but you have to know something, at least what functions and variables are.